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Enjoy the incredible Wye Valley and surrounding mountains with an experienced fitness professional used to dealing with all levels of fitness and stamina. Cat will lead you through territory that others don’t know – away from the beaten track on some stunning walks. What’s over that ridge? Let Cat show you!

As an NW Instructor for Hay On Wye and as owner of the Health Club here, I’d love to tell you a bit more about it and what I can provide for you. I have lived in Hay On Wye since 1997. One year it was voted the happiest place to live and every year we hold the huge Literary festival (100,000 visitors). It is a vibrant and lively place to live. Here we’re in the Wye Valley by the Black Mountains. I have 3 dogs and walk them every day, but because one of them is a ‘problem child from a rescue centre I tend to drive out of town away from other dogs and distractions. In doing so I’ve discovered some spectacular countryside forests, mountains, valleys and open commons, with bubbling streams, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife. All are less well known walks and with some I have never seen another person! Yet all are safe, and close to a road, (because that’s how I get there)! Hay and its environs is a very popular visitors area and they all tend to go to the more well known, mapped out routes or those that are recommended by the TIC. All are lovely, but I promise to take you away to less trodden routes which are magical. My background is in fitness and I used to do a lot of jumping around and aerobics and such like, but for the last 15 years or so I have embraced more and more mind body type classes (Fitness Pilates, Freestyle Fitness Yoga). I also practice Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP), and I can even bring this to Nordic Walking. (a beautiful ending to a walk). I’m not promising all walks will have these aspects, some will be straight forward! I hope to see you soon.

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I’m Personal Trainer Cat, teaching in the fitness and health industry since 1999 (www.gymandtonichay.co.uk). I love to get outdoors with my clients! To this end representing Nordic Walking (NW) UK made a lot of sense! Metabolic type exercise (circuits aerobics), was my forte, but Pilates and Yoga have also taken me under their wings. NW is the perfect complement! Plus, I have the most amazing scenery in my backyard with the Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons and (especially) the Wye Valley. Right on the Wales/England border, I’m walking my 3 dogs daily in this stunning countryside, finding peaceful walks, less well known or visited than most visitors are directed to around here. I’m always interested in ‘what is over the horizon and have been here 24 years, so lots of walks of different lengths depending on my mood (or the dog’s!)

I love the smell of pine and honey, the feeling of the earth under my feet, bird song, noticing mosses and flowers, finding a log seat by a stream and meditating in nature, but I love to share all this with my friends and am more than qualified to help you, as that’s what I’ve been doing for 2 decades now! Let’s walk!


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